Mixing Unit


 On site Mixing Unit Dulon 360C

A cost saving rig solution

Dulon F10 mild HD is a high-performance, user-friendly rig wash, the first to comply with all strict environmental regulations and health & safety procedures.  We hereby present our NEW water pressure operating mixing unit  360C. With one IBC of Dulon special blend this mixing unit provides  an annual need of rig wash.

Dulon F10 Mild HD Mixing Unit 360C

Complies with all new 2007 regulations                                                        
Water based                                                               
Global coverage
Free of charge                                                                           

Benefits and Savings

Logistics (over 90%)                                                        
One supply a year
User save & friendly
Chemical waste reduction                                                              
Time saving

Contact information

Tel:   0031 71 33 192 88
Fax:  0031 71 33 192 87